We believe that music is best appreciated in the proper context. Listening to a song can be very enjoyable, but knowing something about that song enhances the entire experience.

If we are performing for a formal ceremony or as background music for your event, we will provide you with beautiful music that is perfectly matched for the occasion.

But if we perform a recital, we have the opportunity to do even more. Whether it's an anecdote about the composer or a brief background on how the music was composed, the extra information helps put the music in the right context. And who knows, you might even learn something!

Speaking of learning, should we be the Synergismus Duo or the Synergismus Duet? If there were one more of us, we would clearly be a trio, and one more than that would make a quartet. So is it "duo like trio", or "duet like quartet"?

It turns out that while both terms are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. Historically, "duo" refers to two people playing different types of instruments, while "duet" is used for two people playing the same type of instrument (except for piano, which is still called a duo). More recently, "duo" refers to the performers and "duet" refers to the music. Either way, we are the Synergismus Duo. See, I told you you would learn something...

To find out even more fascinating musical trivia, and to hear some great music in person, write to us to arrange a performance.