Synergismus has a unique style of duet music. Many listeners are less familiar with violin and cello duets than they are with the more common string quartets or piano trios. And while there are some gorgeous duets written for violin and cello, the repertoire is not nearly as extensive as for other ensembles.

We perform many pieces from the standard repertoire, ranging from early classical to contemporary. We then supplement this with special arrangements provided by Custom Chamber Music, which could be anything from gypsy dances to piano rags to Beatles tunes to a complete movement from Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

In addition to our duet performances, Randy also frequently performs solo cello recitals, and we sometimes collaborate with our musician friends to perform trio and quartet music. You can hear (and see) many of our performances on the Synergismus YouTube channel. Play through our complete playlist below, or watch just a subset:

Would you like to hear us live? Drop us a line to arrange a recital.