Randy Calistri-Yeh: Solo Cellist

Randy Calistri-Yeh

In addition to my other musical endeavors, I perform solo cello recitals in the New Jersey / New York area. You can book a concert or request more information here.

I typically provide a one-hour performance, but I can adjust between 45 and 90 minutes to fit your needs. I play solo cello music with a fun mix of many styles of music. I also tell interesting stories and background anecdotes about each piece of music. I am available for both daytime and evening performances, and I can work with you to find a good fit for your calendar and budget. My programs are very popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. Audiences love the diversity of the program, and they often tell me how much they enjoyed the stories about the music. One of the most frequent questions I get is "when can you come back and play again?".

My "standard" concert is delightfully diverse. Bach and Brahms might be joined by Scott Joplin, The Beatles, or Frank Sinatra. Irish ballads might pair up with a Sousa march. Classical Jewish music might be followed by Broadway show tunes. I often use a microphone looper to play duets with myself, including all 4 parts of Pachelbel’s Canon live on one cello. And I always give the inside scoop on all the music with some fascinating stories and little-known facts. These concerts have been extremely popular, and I have gotten great feedback from the audiences and the organizers.

In addition to these "standard" concerts, I also offer special theme-specific recitals. They follow a similar style: a one-hour performance of solo cello music (mostly arranged by myself) and stories about each composition. The difference is that each concert focuses on a single topic, with the music and the stories connecting to provide an overall historical and cultural overview of that topic. These themed concerts are both entertaining and educational.

You can see several of my solo recordings on my YouTube channel. On request, I can also provide a link for a sample recording of a complete performance, where you can see how the music and the stories fit together.

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